Amplify, INC. is a mission-driven public affairs firm.

Amplify, Inc. was established in 2011 with seed investment from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to drive public awareness and social change.

Today, Amplify helps mission-driven organizations achieve their policy and advocacy goals using an innovative three-part model:

  1. Data-driven digital media content production and strategic communications consulting
  2. Traditional government affairs
  3. Grassroots campaign tactics

Amplify is a registered benefit corporation. We are a mission-driven social enterprise with an obligation to shareholders to work only with clients with policy agendas that create social benefit. Amplify makes your mission our mission.

“Amplify is winning hearts and minds to drive public awareness and social change in powerful new ways. As an institutional funder of policy advocacy efforts across the United States, Amplify’s work is rapidly becoming an essential part of what I do, for one simple reason: Amplify is pioneering a better model for persuasion.”

— Michael C. Laracy, Director of Policy Reform & Advocacy, Annie E. Casey Foundation

“Nothing like Amplify exists in the United States today. It’s not often that an organization comes along that so clearly adds a crucial missing piece to the advocacy infrastructure. Amplify is that missing piece. They are transforming how we fight public policy battles in America.”

— David Callahan, Co-Founder, Demos

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