We can take your big idea and get people power behind it. 

Public Awareness Campaign Creation and Management

We create scalable campaigns to spread your messages and raise awareness of the important data you have collected. From mapping out a strategy, to assembling a team and executing on your plan, Amplify has you covered.

Organizing: In-Person + Digital Events and Engagement Opportunities

Building and engaging devoted audiences for your cause is best achieved through interacting with people. We create and manage engaging in-person events to enable your audiences to hear from you directly. On a parallel track, the ease and saturation of digital tools present valuable engagement opportunities. We use digital tools to create accessible virtual events to connect with current and new followers.

Issue Amplification and Education

Powered by our deep policy knowledge, we can help you take your issue, data, evidence and reports and develop engaging content to educate broader audiences for your work. A 20-page white paper alone, even when extensively researched and well-written, may not reach large audiences. We help our clients produce visually compelling content to complement policy research.

Stakeholder Engagement Analysis and Planning

Are you passionate about a cause or a project but you are not sure where to start when it comes to spreading the word? Do you know where you want to go with your issue but you are uncertain how to get there? We can help you map out who you need to influence, and how, through a customized stakeholder engagement analysis.

Your Idea. Amplified.

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