Richard Greenberg

Rick draws upon his broad experience in policy reform – from his early years as a policy analyst to his work as a director of strategic communications to his success directing social policy reform campaigns. However, it was his time as a foundation president, running The Fund for New Jersey, that helped him to fully realize his vision for data-driven digital storytelling. Rick’s work at the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice has won national recognition. As the Institute’s Director of Equal Justice Policy & Programs and Director of Strategic Communications, Rick successfully led the Second Chance Campaign to change New Jersey’s prisoner reentry laws. Through that work, he came to be known as one of the nation’s foremost authorities on and advocates for systemic criminal justice reform. The New York Times called the Second Chance Campaign’s legislative package, “a model for the rest of the nation.” While at the Institute, Rick produced an award-winning documentary video on gangs and prisoner reentry, “Moral Panic,” featuring then-Mayor Cory Booker and the national violence prevention leader, Dr. David M. Kennedy.

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